Further information

Navigator DCC - Expandibility

It is, of course, possible to expand the Navigator DCC system, as soon as your demands for the system start to grow.

Additional remote control units

If you wish to play at your club or with your children or grandchildren, the desire for additional remote control units will arise. You can use up to 4 devices in combination with your Navigator without any restrictions. Every player has access to all locomotives, multiple routes and switches. A dynamic transfer of locos from one remote control unit to another increases the fun to play.

Additional IR receivers

If you want to use the Navigator on large layouts, or, if there´s a „corner" that interrupts the visual contact between remote control unit and central unit, you can secure or improve the reception with the help of additional IR receivers: the connections for at least five IR receivers is provided.


Should you intend to entrust your layout with our ECoS command station one day, you can naturally keep using your Navigator system: thanks to its pre-prepared ECoSlink system bus connection, the Navigator central unit can be connected with the ECoS.

After doing so, you´ll have a further booster for the supply of a current line section available, which can also be wirelessly controlled by the remote control units.  

Remote control unit