Obviously every booster which is conform to the DCC standard or Märklin® 6017-compatible can be connected to the Central Station®: An appropriate connector is available.

Alternatively, you can also decide for the ESU ECoSBoost which is directly connected to the ECoSlink: beside the build-in RailCom® two way communication a complete feedback unit is implemented, which includes that all mfx® locomotives, which are on a ECoSBoost supplied part of the layout are recognized correctly and will be registered at the control unit automatically. The ECoSBoost is the perfect addition for your layout.

The ECoSBoost allows you beyond the display of the actual current flow from each booster. So you can see at a glance how much "reserves" you still have.

ECoSControl Radio

The Central Station® is intended for use with our ECoSControl Radio handheld controller: a module connector called ECoSlot occupies a special receiver on board. The ECoSControl Radio fits perfectly in the environment and behaves like a fully wired system hand controller.

Dynamis® Pro Box

An attractive expansion opportunity, developed from and with ESU, is the Dynamis® System from Bachmann®. This infrared-based system with the help of the Bachmann® Pro Box can be connected directly to the ECoSlink bus. Up to 4 infrared transmitters are possible on your Central Station®. With these, up to 40 locomotives, each with 20 functions, and also the accessories like switches or signals can be operated. Additionally, you can use the built-in booster from the Bachmann® Pro Box.

Mobile Station®

As before, you can connect your Mobile Stations® that add up to 10 locomotives which can be controlled from this handheld.

Legacy continue

Obviously, you can still use your legacy as Märklin® 6020, Delta or 6021 directly connected to the Sniffer port and continue to use. From now on you can also connect DCC devices. That gives you more freedom in choosing your hand controller.

Computer software

All leading software manufacturers support the ECoS and therefore also the Central Station  now. You can, at any time of your investment, add a computer control. Especially we would like you to check out ControlGui written by C. Rommel: This software is available free of charge and is powerful enough for most of the layouts!

Central Station® Reloaded - system overview