Central Station® Reloaded - Funktionen 3.0.0

Achievement data Power output increased to 4A permanently.
Loco control DCC with 14, 28, or 128 speed steps, LGB®. Up to 20 Function keys.
  mfx® compatible data format with feedback. 28 or 128 speed steps selectable. Up to 16 functions.
  Märklin® Motorola® old, new, with 14, 27 or 28 speed steps (depends on the decoder). Up to 9 functions with second address.
  Selectrix® format with 31 speed steps.
  Up to 9999 addresses with DCC format.
  Up to 16384 locos with mfx®-format.
  Up to 255 addresses with Motorola®-format (depends on the decoder).
  Up to 112 addresses with Selectrix®-format.
  2x single speedometer or multi loco screen with up to 10 locos through "OneTouchAccess".
Consists Up to 32 consists with up to 16 locos each.
Shuttle Train Control Up to 8 shuttle trains simultaneously.
Accessory control Märklin® Motorola® data format for accessory control. Up to 320 accessories like turnouts or signals.
  DCC format for accessory control. Up to 2041 accessories like turnouts or signals.
  Graphic turntable control for Märklin® turntables.
Routes Up to 1024 routes possible.
Track Plan Display and operation of turnouts, signals and routes.
Programming All DCC-Programming modes: Programming track (Direct Mode), POM (Programming on the Main).
  Programming of Motorola®-Decoder on the programming track.
  Complete graphical setup of mfx®-Decoder.
  Simple, graphical setup of ESU-Decoder.
Sniffer module After the update the sniffer port handles DCC and Motorola® data formats. Direct connection of Märklin® 6020 or 6021 or any DCC systems (e.g., Roco, Liliput) possible. No additional module necessary.
Extensions Connection for ECoSBoost.
  Use of ECoSControl Radio possible.
  Connection of the Bachmann® Dynamis® Pro Box system possible.
  Connection of Märklin® Mobile Station® 60651 / 60652 possible.