Reach the new world - via Update 3.0.0.

Central Station® - Reloaded

We may introduce here the update 3.0.0 for the Central Station® to you. With this update of hardware and software components your 60212 finally reaches the achievement level which you have always fancied. And completely without costly new acquisitions. Keep your proven controller and take pleasure in many new functions.


To exhaust really the efficiency of the Central Station®, some important devices are immediately included with in the update parcel 3.0.0. 

The stabilized 90VA Power Supply has more than enough power to feed the integrated Booster. With the new update it is capable of 4A instead of only 2.8A! This increased performance often saves an external Booster completely.The output current can be adjusted within the range of 15V to 21V and therefore works with all gauges.

The enclosed stylus makes it easier for you to operate the touch panel.


With the update 3.0.0 you are helping your unit to a never before known capacity. At this point we would like to introduce the most important functions. You can find more details here: List of all functions  

After the update the Central Station® will also be able to use the Selectrix® and the worldwide standard DCC protocol in addition to the already known data formats Motorola® and mfx®. All data formats can be used simultaneously and individually per loco. Of course, 20 functions can be used during DCC operation. For each loco and depending on the data format you can select between 14, 27, 28, and 128 speed steps. It is possible to also control mfx® locomotives with 28 speed steps.


All DCC decoders can be programmed comfortably of course. Beside all known DCC programming modes a particularly comfortable graphical interface is available for programming ESU decoders. 


Of course it is a given that from now all solenoid devices can be controlled with the DCC format. Finally, you have the freedom to buy any decoder that is on the market. 

The locomotive selection will be made easier thanks to multiple favorite lists and different sorting options (Steam, Diesel, Electric). Stay in control even with a large locomotive inventory. 


With the new multi-screen driving display you can directly control up to 10 locomotives. Switching between them is done by a single press of a button. 


The graphical turntable control simplifies the operation of your turntables. 


One of the highlights is the track plan. Display an image of your layout on the screen and see the current state of your switches and signals.


All registered owners of a Central Station® with update 3.0.0 are able to ask questions on the ESU support forums and receive immediate help from either our support team or other forum members.

Multi Loco Screen
Loklisten Sortierung
Sorted Loco List
Turn Table Control