ECoS - experience and continuous innovation

The ECoS is constantly under an on-going development. This means that the ESU developers incorporate new features in the operating software of the ECoS. These new features improve the value of your ECoS significantly. Many new features are developed from suggestions by ECoS owners from their daily practice.

The fact that we are commited to a continuous development is demonstrated most impressively by the fact that since the launch of the ECoS in August 2006 to August 2008 alone, 10 (!) Updates were published. All software updates are availabe to all ECoS owners free of charge at the ESU Support-Forum.


At this point we want to briefly describe any new functions that have been added with a new version. This way you can familiarize yourself with these new functions and decide whether an upgrade makes sense.

ECoS Firmware 1.1.3.

With firmware 1.1.3, released on August 8th, 2008, new important functions were added to improve the ease of use of the ECoS.

New Multiscreen for Train Operation

Up until now, you could assign one locomotive to each throttle knob. If access to multiple locomotives was needed, the locomotive had to be selected out of the loco list. With the new multiscreen you can assign up to five locomotives to each throttle knob between which you can choose by a simple press of your thumb. Now you have 10 locos (+ 2 "Shadow-Locos) directly accessable. Especialy in a hectic shunting operation you will enjoy this feature. 

Sorting the Loco List

The selection of locomotives in the loco list could take quite some time with a large pool of locomotives. The new way of sorting locos will take care of this. You are now able to sort the loco list by steam, diesel, or electric locomotives.


The "Favorites" concept was dramastically improved. While you were only able to assign locos to a single list of favorites,  you now have the option to assign locos to three different loco lists. The organization of a large pool of locomotives has been made quite simple.

Rotating Turnout Control Panel Symbols

One of the most requested features has now been implemented: the turnout control panel symbols can now be rotated. That way you can display the actual direction of turnouts, signals and other accessories in the turnout control panel.

New Loco Symbols

The list of loco symbols has been extended with many new and even international locos.

Loklisten Sortierung
Sorting Loco List