ECoS - Functions detailed

Run a loco

The ECoS Central Unit can manage up to 16384 locos. Each Loco’s characteristics are memorized, so in the future you can call each engine by name. Also you can assign a loco-symbol, and these symbols keep you abreast of the function of each loco, regardless of whether it’s latching, or non-latching. An extensive navigational menu takes care of finding your locos quickly; and running them. With ECoS, you have the choice between 14, 27 28, 31 or 128 speed steps. Dependend on the decoders features, you can select the best suitable speed steps mode - even Märklin®‘s former 6090x decoders can now support 27 speed steps using the Motorola® protocol and the ECoS!


Operate turnouts and magnetic accessories

Just like with locos, you can name turnouts and magnetic accessories. The large switching-panel on the screen of your ECoS shows you all turnouts and their switch-position. You can put turnouts in the depot area, and to each magnetic accessory you can assign its exact function, so you can tell simple-, double or 3-way turnouts apart from de-coupler tracks or streetlights, etc. ECoS can use all accessory decoders which are compatible to Märklin® K83 resp. to Märklin® K84 and understand the Motorola protocol or can process the appropriate "DCC accessory decoder" DCC-format standards. However, we recommend the use of the ESU SwitchPilot, as it can detect the actual position of the switch points and show it on the ECoS screen. At last you can be sure the turnout is really thrown correctly!


Controlling a turntable

With the ECoS command station it is possible to control the well-know Märklin® turntables graphically. The ECoS controls the exclusive Märklin® decoder directly. If you do not like to use this decoder or if you cannot use it, you are able to convert your turntable with the aid of a LokPilot V3.0 decoder. Here you find out how to do it.


Consist control

ECoS enables you to set up and control consists of two or more locos comfortably. As with locos, all consists are listed in the memory of ECoS. ECoS transmits separate signals (in the required data format) to each loco of the consist. Doing so, it is possible to run locos with different data formats and protocols in the same consist.



Several magnetic articles can easily be grouped as routes. Routes can then be switched like singular turnouts or they can be tied to an occupancy detector: Thus extensive block-control management is possible  already. ECoS can manage up to 1024 routes with up to 256 magnetic accessories each.


Shuttle train control

Shuttle train control is a whole new function. Here you only need a (s88) occupancy detector at each end of the track, which you assign via Software to a loco: length of layover, acceleration - and deceleration, or inbetween stops can easily be programmed on the ECoS screen. This works with any decoder because the brain of the system sits in the central unit. Up to eight shuttle trains are possible.


Decoder programming

Thanks to the screen, programming decoders is as simple as never before. All parameters are shown in plain text. The search for - and of - CV’s and bits and bytes is a thing of the past. Of course you can call up - and check - all features of your decoder (during operation on the layout) on the main. POM (programming on the main) makes it possible. The addresses of your old Motorola® decoders are ascertained automatically - never again do you have to take your engines apart and check the DIP switch...


Keep using old systems

We make your transfer to ECoS as comfortable as possible: Simply keep also using your “old” system . This is made possible through the built-in EcoSniffer module: The rail output of your present digital command station is simply connected to the input of the EcoSniffer module. The module listens to all DCC and Motorola® packets and translates them for the ECoS command station. This again treats your old system like one,- (or more) additional throttles or turnout-panels. Even those with more than one digital system find a solution: He or she can connect additional EcoSniffer modules to the EcoSlink bus and use any number of different systems together with ECoS. If that’s not enough, go head and expand your layout.


6021 Connection