ECoS - Expandibility

ECoSControl Radio

ECoS is well prepared for the handheld application of our ECoSControl Radio: A special receiver card fits into a module terminal, called EcoSlot. The ECoSControl Radio integrates perfectly into the ECoS system and acts like a fully featured cable-bound throttle.


Of course all DCC conform boosters can be connected to the ECoS Central Station: There is a corresponding socket. Also, the widely known Märklin® 6015 / 6017 boosters (or compatible products) can be used. Alternatively, you can decide on the separately available ECoS booster, which connects directly to the EcoSlink: As a matter of fact, it incorporates a NMRA/DCC RailCom® detector, so you can use their great features.

The ECoSBoost indicates the current electricity coming from each single booster. So you can see how much energy reserves you have left.

NMRA/DCC Bidirectional communication

Any DCC compatible Central station, which will hit the market in 2006, should, of course be able to support the latest DCC expansions. That’s why ECoS is already prepared for the coming NMRA/DCC Bidirectional („RailCom®“) standard: Once this standard is passed, a free software update will activate the already build-in feedback receiver. Apart from our ESU decoders, nothing else is needed to reach an unprecedented level of value.


With the software version 1.1.0 of November 2007 RailCom was activated. Finally it is possible to read CVs out on the main track and provide status feed back of the switches with the SwitchPilot to the command station. 

ECoS system overview